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Chatillon sur Colmont is an attractive village in Pays de la Loire, about mid way between Mayenne and Gorron on the D5. It is set atop a small rise in rolling countryside, surrounded by many active farms, mostly arable. The village is perhaps most notable for housing the headquarters of SOS-Anglo, the organisation which specialises in helping British ex-pats and anglophones settle into the French way of life. Also in the village is a “sturdy” Church, a doctor, well-stocked boulangerie, a small but busy bar, hairdresser’s and 3 dechetteries.


To the East of Chatillon sur Colmont, along ” the road of the rising Sun”, is Oisseau, a charming village about 6km away. Near the cente of Oisseau is the village square on the left – a busy scene of boulangier, boucherie, bar and cafe, in front of the pretty Church, with statue and Crucifix.

Saint Georges-Buttavent

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To the South of Chatillon sur Colmont, is Saint Georges-Buttavent, a small village, transected by the N12 highway from Mayenne to Ernee. The Church spire in the upper village appears to have a solar halo in the early afternoon sunshine. Above is an image of what appears to be a converted water tower. At the crossroads is a Viveco minimarket, on the way to Fontaine-Daniel.


About 3km South of Saint Georges Buttavent is Fontaine-Daniel. Unfortunately, when we visited, it was not possible to tour the 13th-Century Abbey. We contented ourselves with a relaxing rest by the large etang, edged by the Foret de Salair.


Heading Northwest from Chatillon, in about 7km, we find Brece, another charming village, with a boulangier, hairdresser, “sturdy” Church, just 3km from the outskirts of Gorron. Entering the village, is a small children’s park and a boules court (looking slightly underused – perhaps unsurprising in 2020/2021).

To the Southwest of Chatillon is part of the Forest of Mayenne – a cool area for walks and picnics (although we did not see many places to park among the roadside). In this area is the racetrack.