Short drive or half-day visit

Within an hour’s drive from Milvain are any number of villages, each with their own attractions and stories to tell. For example, Bagnoles de l’Orne is a pretty village to visit but also has hidden treasures, such as Velo Rail, Harness Racing and a Casino to discover. There are also forest trails and picnic sites. Domfront has its Medieval Dome but also has 15th Century passageways, farmer’s markets and a Castle ruin. Ernee is outwardly a somewhat functional town but also has a motocross circuit that is the envy of the World. Many small villages have their own fishing lakes, religious structures and surrounding scenery. An exceptional example is Pontmain, with some of the best stained glass windows in Northern France. We hope we have encouraged you to jump in the car and just drive, soaking up the views, the peace and exploring all that France has to offer along the way.