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Fougeres is a large town on the edge of Brittany, in the Ille et Vilaine Department. The town has a complicated and embattled history, as demonstrated by the presence of one of the largest Medieval fortifications in Europe. The original 10th Century wooden structure was rebuilt in the 11th Century, with extensive additions though to the 15th. In more peaceful times, Fougeres was known for industries involving tin-working, glass and shoe-making,

Historical Fougeres

The Fortress lies in the lower town, partially surrounded by a moat and next to narrow winding lanes with many Medieval timbered buildings still present. There is an extensive park way around much of the Fort, with benches and pleasant relief from the traffic. A good overview of the Lower Town and Fort can be had from Rue de Normandie, in the Upper Town, next to Saint Leonard’s Church (Park open in Summer only). Stage 4 of the Tour de France finishes in the lower town area in June 2021 (copyright – About-France.com)

Fougeres was a finish point in the Tour de France 2021