The famous water tower of Gorron
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Gorron is a small but lively town in Mayenne Department, Pays de la Loire. One can find most of the main Banks of France, insurance companies, Super U, many local shops and large furniture stores, four doctors and pharmacies, among others. Market day is Wednesday and the main street through the town is blocked for traffic until early afternoon.On the outskirts, where the River Colmont crosses the town, there is the Parc de Loisir, Colmont. Here there are zip-wires, tree houses and rope walkways above the ground, in an adventure sports area. Not far away (5km) are the Jardins of Renaudies near Carelles, with public events most of the year.

Sporting life in Gorron

On four occasions, the town has been awarded the “most sportive village” in Mayenne Department. There is a very modern football ground near the Super-U and, up the hill towards the water tower, a Boulodrome was inaugurated in 2019. It is not clear if it has been used yet (Covid!) The report states there are 24 indoor courts and 48 outdoors. Curiously, Super-U in the ville does not appear to sell sets of boules (unlike Super-U Ernidis).

Gorron is also a somewhat whimsical place. Popular with UK Ex-pats, it has adopted some familiar stylings – such as “Elliotts the Butchers”, (moved in 2023 to ZI des Sapinettes, Gorron). Manges-Tu the cafe and English supplies outlet (sadly closed, January 2023) as well as a notable fish-and-chip shop. It is possible to purchase pork-pies, tins of baked beans – even bacon! Above, you may note the faint irony of the road signs to the Twinned Cities of Hayling Island and Schwaikheim in the town square and then, there is the proud naming and painting of the water tower, prominent above the town atop the hill towards Passais Villages Commune.