Map of la doree area dated 1642
Map of La Doree (“The Golden”) dated 1642. Farms and minor hamlets were not normally shown then.
Cassini Map showing Milvain
Taken from David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: Cassini Map No. 96 “Mayenne”: Dated 1772

We imagine that the existing complex of farm building, straddling the lane currently named “Milvain“, leading to “La Planty”, included several outbuildings and cottages, plus the commune track formerly known as “Milvain”. Our property, we think, consisted of a cottage, a small barn and a small piggery.

Development of Milvain

Possibly around the 1950’s, the cottage was repaired and linked to the barn by stonework. The piggery became a series of connected sheds and a Garage-like structure was built, nearer to the existing lane. We do not know but we suppose our present Gite buildings had been owned by the neighbouring farmer (or his sister, across the lane). In the 2000’s, an English owner may have modernised the “combined” house, with further works in the late 2010’s. We moved in June 2021. Unfortunately, we cannot find any evidence to support our theories.

One can see the previous owners planted a mixed hedgerow along the road boundary and this has grown enormously – forming a habitat for birds and insects, as well as giving summer shade and winter shelter.