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Magnificent stained glas window Pontmain
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The Church at Pontmain

This is a small village, about 16km from Milvain, with an exceptional Church of extraordinary beauty and unusual providence. According to Wikipedia, in 1871, some village Children claimed to see an image of the Virgin Mary. This led to the construction of the Church with the later addition of the Basilica of Our Lady (There is a good article in Wikipedia).

Inside the Church, one is stunned by the beauty of the stained glass windows and furnishments. Outside, there are souvenir shops and nearby, a cafe, three restaurants and a small Museum of Modern Art. The drive from Milvain takes one past rolling open countryside, through either of the large villages of Saint Mars de la Futaie or Landivy. (We can recommend the Boulangerie in Landivy!)

Update : September 2023

We revisited the Basilica this year with friends and took a few more photos –