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Port en Bessin Huppain
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Port en Bessin Huppain is a commune of the Port on the Bessin River adjoined to the small town of Huppain in the Cotentin sub-department (West of Manche) on the Cherbourg Peninsula. We drove out from Bayeux, not so long ago, to tour Normandy Beaches but found shops and restaurants closed due to being a Sunday. Then, we stumbled across the large and bustling market in Huppain, strung along the Portside. The Harbour was very reminiscent of Weymouth in the UK.

Shops an cafes in Port en Bessin Huppain

There were a number of cafes, bars and shops, some selling “Fine Old Calvados” (for some very fine old prices, but worth it!) A glass engraver asked my Wife’s name and decoratively engraved it on a small tumbler, free, in just a few seconds. “Le moins prix du Monde”. We hope to go back soon to commission a larger work. (About 20 minutes from Bayeux).