23 km

Saint Hilaire du Harcouet is a medium size town just a short drive northwest from our Gite. There is a large Church near the central crossroads and the medieval tower. Across the way is the marketplace (wednesdays) and rows of shops and a number of cafes. There are estate agents, pharmacies, opticians, pizzerias, boulangeries, bookshops, tabacs, banks, restaurants and a few artisan outlets. The local hospital lies to the south, towards Landivy, while Aldi, Lidl and MacDonald lie to the East, towards Buais. The park is a delightful area with lakes, mini-golf and attractive planted areas, frequently utilised as a photo-venue for wedding parties.

Wednesday Market

We visited he market recently and found many varied and friendly stalls. There are the usual fruit and vegetables but also well-made clothes, hats, bags, belts, curios and much besides. Our in-laws were kep busy browsing for hours. Parking was a little difficult but nearby (about 200 metres). We can recommend a couple of the cafes, for somewhere to inspect your purchases over a hot chocolate.